friends make afternoons fun

yesterday, two of my friends came over, will and mackenzie. we played for a while, though i’m really jealous of how will and mackenzie can crawl around. some day i will be able to move, and when that happens, look out./

we have some plants near the big window in our living room, and i saw will keep crawling towards them. suddenly i could see my future, and it had leaves in its mouth.

sadly, after will and mackenzie left, mj went and moved all of the plants.

7 thoughts on “friends make afternoons fun

  1. Eli,
    That’s ok, vegans are cool. Ask mj about that too. It’s better than the Hannibal Lecter tendencies we discussed yesterday.


  2. Eli, I’m glad that bg and mj are letting you listen to Schoenberg. They make your uncle Andrew very happy. Next ask for John Cage, although you may feel you’re listening to nothing.

    Uncle A

  3. You go for it Eli. Make mj and bg stay on their toes. Make them work at being good parents.
    Mama Ray

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