where did the love go

it is sad how evidently no one here really cares about my gums. fortunately mj and bg do, because bg came home yesterday with some medicine for me. they smear some on my gums and i take it and then my hands swell just like two balloons and the colors are nifty and then

2 thoughts on “where did the love go

  1. We really do care about your gums, sweetie. We just all know that mj and bg know how to take care of you. 🙂 I’m sure having your grandparents around for a week will also make it at least a wee bit better that your gums hurt.

    Your gums will hurt for a while, but then you’ll have teeth and the world that you can explore once you have teeth is endless. The foods you’ll be able to eat are amazing (and a few are kinda nasty, but don’t tell mj or bg that I told you that). Just hang in there and don’t get too frustrated at mj and bg when your gums hurt really bad.

  2. Awwww!

    Eeshaan, I thought you should know that I live in a really remote place and the internet went poof a couple of days ago and I couldn’t reply to your note. I hope that by the time you see this your gums are feeling better (though I suspect they’re probably not).

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