skills i am learning

i can now sit up almost by myself.

there’s this scootchy thing i can do that is almost like crawling.

i can pull myself up by myself almost.

mg gives me these little crumbly cereal things and i can put them in my mouth and kinda gum them.

all of these almosts make it sound like i can’t do anything. but i can. sorta.

bg was gone all last week. it was strange. fortunately i had one of my fans visit for a while and that was fun. but it was weird not having bg give me a bath. i don’t know what he was doing but he looked very tired when he got home. i don’t think he took enough naps last week.

5 thoughts on “skills i am learning

  1. Hey, it doesn’t sound like you can’t do anything! It sounds like you’re… you’re… you’re growing. That’s way awesome.

    So how about one of those gallery sites, with too-many pictures of you and bg and mj? You’d have to bug one of them for that, I’d guess. If they balk, mention freedom of the press and the public’s right to know. That’s probably confusing, but trust me on this one.

  2. Since you’re learning so many new skills, and since bg obviously hasn’t mastered one that you have, maybe you should teach him how to nap–or maybe when to nap. It’s always neat to get to teach your parents things.

    Papa Ray

  3. You’re right, Eli, BG didn’t nap enough this past week. Instead, he stayed up and did this thing called partying. You’ll learn all about partying soon enough. I only post this so that one day, when you want to go out and have fun and party and BG doesn’t want you to go, you can point to this comment and go, “But, you used to party, so I should be able to do so, too.” 😉 Congrats on learning so many new and wonderful things! I’m so proud of you!

    – Aunt Kitty Kat

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