dance dance but no revolving

now that i can stand up i can start to bust my fly dance moves. right now since i have to hold onto the side of my crib or one of my play tables i can mainly bounce up and down by bending my knees. but i don’t bend my knees too much because if i am going to play football i need my knees to be okay so i can then blow them out while playing.

5 thoughts on “dance dance but no revolving

  1. You rock so hard, Eli. We are all in awe.

    When I was staying with a couple of weeks ago he had this game where you had to dance and hit certain buttons (like MasterMind, sorta) with a sort of rhythm. And you got to keep dancing as long as you did well. My game lasted, like, three minutes, because I’m terrible. I’ll bet you could do a lot better than me.

    Yay standing! I’ll bet your parents are living in fear! Soon you will be able to get into ALL SORTS of mischief!

  2. Eli,

    Instead of football, how about soccer? You are less likely to hurt knees in soccer. MJ and BG will worry a lot less too.


  3. Actually, worry is the name of the parent game. There is no “not worry;” there is only “worry” and “worry less” and “worry more.”

    Papa Ray

  4. You want to blow out your knees, you need to go with basketball! Besides, bg can tell you all about these people called Duke.

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