i have been away

i have not been posting lately because i have been away on a trip to illinois. i went to visit uncle andrew and aunt joy. i hadn’t seen them in a while so i decided it was time for a road trip.

road trip./

i’ll post each day saying what we did last week, starting with today and last wednesday. if that makes sense.

wednesday we drove to illinois. this was a lot of time in the car. but it wasn’t all bad, because i had this toy that is normally a table but the top can come off and it makes sounds and flashes lights. even when i’m in my car seat i can kick at it and make it make sounds and that’s fun.

i also napped some.

when we got there i discovered two things about illinois. illinois is cold, like brrr cold. i think this is the coldest i have ever been in my whole life. i know it was drizzling rain [which is not like snuzzling even though drizzling and snuzzling sound like they are related] but still it was cold. also they have a lot of corn.

cold and corn. i think illinois should have some c’s in its name because of that. cillinoics, maybe. the first c will need to be silent though.

that would also make cillinoics come sooner in an alphabetical list of states’ names so i think the people living in cillinoics will be okay with that.

ua was there when we got to their apartment. i played with him some and then aj came home but by then it was just about my bedtime.

5 thoughts on “i have been away

  1. First of all, I have to say that is a really great new user icon! 🙂
    I’m glad that you enjoyed your trip. I can’t wait to heare more about it this week!

  2. Adorable new icon. Aren’t you the cutie? In Tlingit, they call cute little things like you ‘oosk.’

    I like your idea about the name for Illinois. You have excellent reasons. I say write the government about it. When you learn to write – oh wait you already can as evidenced by this journal!

  3. i did not know having new icons would make people so happy./ as soon as i learn how to sneak away bg’s credit card i will order more icons.

    who would i need to write in the government.7 does the president control the names of states.7

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