i am sorry i did not write

i am sorry i was going to write and all but this mouse chewed through bg’s computer cord and he stopped using it and missy law’s computer was way too high for me to reach so i could not write.

yes there was this mouse or maybe several mice and he ate some of our bread and he slept in my clothes one night. not the clothes i was wearing but the clothes in my dresser drawer. i know mj used to have a mouse or something as a pet but ew.

bg got much better because i saw him swimming one day in the ocean. that must have been scary. when i went down to the waves i did not like them. the dry sand is fun to stand on but the wet sand is icky and that ocean totally wants to eat me. i bet it got so big by eating babies too.

it rained a lot on wednesday which is the day we went to buy me some clothes at some nearby stores and that was weird. that we went when it was raining i mean. and there were so many people at the beach that i never got put down and that was great. someone was always playing with me. i should have a group of fans that follows me wherever i go to play with me.

can i take the ocean back with me.7 i don’t want to play in it or anything but like the sound is nice when i am sleeping.

and i think i will ask bg and mj for a little brudder or sister but i do not know if they will like that because i am so much kid that i think i am like five or six kids in one.