loud restaurant with a placemat and a muffin and dirty floors that i did not get to crawl on

we went to this restaurant tonight that was all fun and loud and i totally had a good time. i was on the end of the table because i am always on the end but i never have to pick up the check. anyway mj brought this placemat that was all stuck to the table and had sesame street stuff on it and also food that she put on it like these muffins with peas in them. have you had muffins with peas.7 they are the best. they taste all sweet and muffiny and i hardly even notice that there are peas in it. i even eat those peas.

i did not eat the green beans however. they came without a tasty muffin shell and i will not eat them. bg pushed some in my mouth and i pushed them right back out.

the floor was all dirty and stuff. people were eating peanuts and dumping the shells everywhere and how come that is okay when mj and bg get all mad eyes at me when i drop stuff on the floor like the spoon i was playing with.7 this is totally unfair. and why can’t i have peanuts anyway.7 the shells look very tasty.

oh yeah it was one of my fans birthday. happy birthday fan./