ok christmas can all stop now

this christmas thing is all busy and i don’t know what that’s about. saturday night we had another christmas party only this time bg and mj didn’t get all dressed up. it was at one of my fan’s houses and there was pool playing and darts throwing and talking and eating. i stayed up way past my bedtime but that was okay because i had a very short nap and i was surrounded by fans. fans walked me and held me and in general payed me the attention that i deserve.

come to think of it there were no cheerios which means it should not have been a party but it was. i think that was because it was filled with fans. so i am changing my earlier statement now it is not a party unless you have cheerios or fans and if you have both cheerios and fans then look out./

sunday night was a singing thing at church not that i got to see it. i was way tired anyway because of all the partying saturday but i got stuck down in the nursery. my friend gabriel was there all big eyed and everything. he was playing in this castle like thing that is plastic and circular and has a play yard in the center. the walls only come up to like my stomach so i started crawling over when i slipped a little and did a somersault and landed next to gabriel.

and he started this crying thing and that’s just silly, i bonked my head but did you see me cry.7 no you did not. i mean, i know you didn’t because you weren’t there but even if you had been there you would not have seen me cry because it did not really hurt so i went back to playing while gabriel had to be comforted.

i think he is a big baby.

anyway i think that is enough christmas for one year.

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  1. Eli, when I see you next week, I will be sure to have some Cheerios, so it will be a big party. Cheerios plus me (fan) equals party


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