christmas is full of fans

i have not been posting here lately because first of all christmas is very busy and second of all we have been traveling to arkansas. we went to arkansas because grandparents are there and you know what that means.


like today there were seventeen people in one house and they were all picking me up and a cousin of mine i think he is a second cousin or third cousin [actually i guess he is my third cousin because ashley is my first cousin because i knew her first and gordon is my second only because he is younger than ashley even though i knew him about as long as ashley] anyway his name is austin and he was walking me around and it was lots of fun.

and i got to see my fifth cousin who is very young and cried a lot like a big baby.

i got to see fans i hadn’t seen in a while and even new fans like bg’s piano teacher who can totally teach me piano when i get old enough.

it was a week of weather because there was all of this sleet and snow and that kept us at mr and pr’s house in arkadelphia longer than expected. i am going to stay with mj in arkansas so we will have more time with mumsy and that will be fun though i will miss bg.