point and name game

mamamama and dadadada are not the smartest people around i am afraid. i say this because they have this game with me where they open a book and turn it to the first page and they are all ‘where is the dog’ and i point to the dog and they then turn to the next page and are all ‘where is the dog’ and i can see that the same dog is there so i point and then they turn to the third page and say ‘where is the dog’ and if i could talk i would be all ‘it is right there can you not see it’ but i just have to point to it instead.

4 thoughts on “point and name game

  1. They will probably stay not-so-smart until you turn 18, I am afraid. Then they will probably turn into big wallets or ATMs or whatever futuristic money-hander-outers we have then.

  2. Actually, if you work hard to train them right, they’ll get smarter as you get older. Then, when you get to be about 13 or so, they’ll suddenly get so horribly stupid you’ll be embarrassed to be seen with them. All parents do this. No one knows why. Don’t worry, though, they get over it. They’ll get smart again right about the time you go to college and start needing cash regularly.

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