dump ow blood

we were playing outside this afternoon and dadadada was pushing me in my cart, it was fun, but he stopped so i started crawling out of it only it scooted back and i fell down on my face. okay maybe i could have used a nap, then i would have been more graceful but whatever. and it hurt a lot and my mouth was bleeding and dadadada rushed me to mamamama who took me inside and hit my head on the door as i went in and that hurt more.

then they were all poking at my lips trying to see inside my mouth but it wasn’t bleeding any more, i could have told them that. i was a big boy and i did not cry at all after my nap, i might have cried some before.

i am not mad at mamamama and dadadada though, they can’t help it, they are a little stupid.

2 thoughts on “dump ow blood

  1. i did take a big nap on sunday and i am beginning to think that maybe naps are good, but i was not very graceful. i will make a full post about that.

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