zap zap zap

so i went to school yesterday and that was okay, i was tired enough i ended up napping there which i normally do not do because there is too much to do to waste time lying down but there was this time change and everything so there you go. anyway dadadada picked me up from school instead of mamamama which surprised me but it turned out she had gone to this eye doctor and he had found a problem which he wanted to fix by shooting a laser into her eye. her eye was kinda red and teary afterwards.

this whole laser thing sounds dangerous and painful to me to tell the truth. i do not think i would like lasers.

4 thoughts on “zap zap zap

  1. Not liking lasers just means you’re less likely to go down the career path of being an evil genius, since they tend towards the laser beams.

  2. Lasers are awesome. We gave out little laser pointers at our wedding, as part of the wedding favors.

    Just make sure not to look directly into the beam with the remaining eye.

  3. Tell mamamamama to take care and rest up because we are looking forward to seeing her next week and do not want her feeling unwell when she is here.

  4. Eli,
    Lasers are cool if you are BEHIND the laser, aiming it. It’s no fun when it’s pointed at you, because it means someone is trying to blind you, or you are sick.

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