me and the pool and missy law and all

some people have asked hey where are the pictures.7 and i only want to make you happy so here are some pictures

this is me getting into the pool with the empty bottle that was tasty to chew on.

i am going to have to go on a diet before it gets to be swimsuit weather all the time, i have a milk belly.

the water in the pool was okay, it tasted a little hot.

this is me with missy law. see she can say ‘oooh’ too just like me.

normally this basket holds toys but i figured it could hold me too, maybe it needs pictures on its side like the bucket of babies because now this is a basket of babies.

i hope you liked my pictures.

14 thoughts on “me and the pool and missy law and all

  1. Eli, I do like your pictures. My favorite is the one of you in the basket. I love your cheesy face. That is the one you learned while PR and I were taking care of you last month.
    Mama Ray

  2. it is true my cuteness is a class ii controlled substance in alabama.

    i believe it may be completely illegal in georgia.

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