giving and goodwill

so it turns out the clothes are coming out because i cannot wear them any more, my milk gut is too big or something. this is what happens when i do not keep up my exercises. perhaps if i am very diligent at the bounceTM over the next few weeks i can once again fit into a size 12-18 months.

i have added dancing to the bounceTM, this involves stomping and wiggling and turning around and around. i will have to demonstrate it to everyone.

2 thoughts on “giving and goodwill

  1. You are a growing boy!

    If your mother is anything like mine, though, she will save one or two of the most embarrassing outfits and keep it to show you when you are older. It will be even worse if she shows it off to your friends…

  2. It will be worst of all when she (a) shows them to prospective mates and/or (b) insists that your own offspring wear them!

    Papa Ray

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