busy because i am going back to arkansas

i have not been writing much but that is okay, it’s not like much exciting has happened. i did fall off the bed twice last week and land on my stomach whoosh, but it was more scary than painful. and i learned how to say apple. i did get to ride on airplanes, that was fun, and i made a new friend named ellric, we would play this fun game where he would shove me down and i would stand up. then we ran around.

but i can’t talk long, mam is taking me to arkansas to visit people. i know i wanted road trips but this is a bit much, i would like less road trips please.

8 thoughts on “busy because i am going back to arkansas

  1. How many miles have you logged in your short life, Eli? It seems to me that you’ve travelled more in the past few months than most people do …

    We should set up a chart to log your mileage!

  2. that is sad, i would have liked to see him. he can go see dada instead, he is just sitting around missing me and probably eating a lot of ice cream and watching some sappy movie to deal with his loss.

  3. Wow, Eli. Lots of trips for you.

    You know, with all the traveling you do, you should start advertising for your various services and products. Do you know how to work the printer?

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