it is okay mom is not really all that sick

i did not mean to make people worried with my last post even though it is true we have been going to the doctor a lot, i think it is one of those doctors who adjust things to make you feel better. mama has numb hands from time to time and the doctor is trying to fix that, it means she has to go several times here at the start to get things aligned, it is as if she is a car. and i do not think she is really all that sick, she can still pick me up all the time can’t she.7

2 thoughts on “it is okay mom is not really all that sick

  1. Eli, PR and I are go glad the mama is not very sick. I have missed your posts and was beginning to think I needed to call and see why no posts for such a long time. PR and I are coming to see you next weekend. We need to catch up on our play-time because it has been a long time since we were at your house.
    What do you want to play?

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