water water everywhere and boy is it dirty

this morning was car washing time which is a fun time because i get to be outside playing and there is water and spraying and splashing. when da filled up the bucket with soap i got to play in it making a bunch of sudsy splashes. then da took it away and wouldn’t let me have it again, that was sad.

but then i got to dance in the hose and that was good./

but then they were busy spraying the cars and i did not get sprayed so much and that was sad.

i did have my pool so i played in that some. it made me very tired but not so tired that i did not come up with my new idea and that is a water park for babies. i think i will call it water babies. i hope our driveway is big enough for all the babies to come to my water park.

2 thoughts on “water water everywhere and boy is it dirty

  1. Eli, if I bring my bathing suit, will I be able to play in your water park?

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