I’m So Sorry, Dad, I Had No Idea

Sunday night we had friends over after Eli was in bed. We were talking and laughing and eating things that were bad for us. The topic of conversation drifted to technology. How everyone’s grandparents wouldn’t talk on the phone for long, a remnant of a time when phone time was expensive and precious. “I remember calling ahead collect when we were going to my grandparents’,” Misty said, “and they wouldn’t accept the charges. The call was our signal we were on our way.”

That drifted to other foibles of technology. Dad didn’t have touch-tone dialling until sometime in the 1990s, shortly before they got cable. Touch tone dialing cost an extra sixty cents a month, or thereabouts, over pulse dialing. Ha ha ha, we all laughed. How silly.

And then I realized: in twenty years Eli will be with his friends and saying, “Guh, my parents. They still have a landline!”