Thank Goodness He Didn’t Say “Get Lost”

This weekend was a big reunion weekend for the Granade cousins. My parents and my grandmother came to the reunion, and stayed with us. Sunday morning the six of us were sitting around the kitchen table eating breakfast. Eli was doing this head-bobble thing where he tilts his head left and right, left and right, in time to the music in his head. “Are you headbanging?” my dad asked him.

Eli promptly pointed to the napkin beside his plate and said, “I bang onna napkin.” He then thwacked his head into the napkin before raising his head and rubbing it, looking very hurt.

3 thoughts on “Thank Goodness He Didn’t Say “Get Lost”

  1. It reminds me of when my father commented to my nose-mining son about “boggers,” only to have my son reply “I eat boggers!” and promptly match action to words. Since a meal was in progress at the time,the exchange provided an excellent appetite suppressant! Children can be SUCH literalists, as well as suggestible at the worst possible times! Obviously we don’t always live up to the Granade motto!

  2. Stephen, I told your father not to post this comment. I guess you can see how much influence your mother has on him. Please accept my apology if this caused you any embrassement but if not, lets all have a good laugh at what children say. We certainly enjoyed Eli’s take on the situation.

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