Things Eli Said To Me Tonight

  • I need more risotto.
  • Go play piano and peeps in my room! Come on, daddy!
  • No. I hold peep.
  • I need watch Eli and Daddy!
  • No. I hold germ.
  • I play a Gruffalo. No, I play Elmo. I needa play Big Bird. Okay, Big Bird.
  • No, I hold coins. I hold coins! I HOLD COINS! …please.
  • This is a shark. It swims inna ocean.
  • Libro means book. In Spanish.
  • Oh no! Eli and Daddy peep fall down go boom!
  • There’s a planet with a ring! There anonner planet with a ring! There a alien! Oh! What’s that? Oh, that’s Spider-man.
  • I love you too, Daddy.