Things Eli Said To Me Tonight

  • I need more risotto.
  • Go play piano and peeps in my room! Come on, daddy!
  • No. I hold peep.
  • I need watch Eli and Daddy!
  • No. I hold germ.
  • I play a Gruffalo. No, I play Elmo. I needa play Big Bird. Okay, Big Bird.
  • No, I hold coins. I hold coins! I HOLD COINS! …please.
  • This is a shark. It swims inna ocean.
  • Libro means book. In Spanish.
  • Oh no! Eli and Daddy peep fall down go boom!
  • There’s a planet with a ring! There anonner planet with a ring! There a alien! Oh! What’s that? Oh, that’s Spider-man.
  • I love you too, Daddy.

3 thoughts on “Things Eli Said To Me Tonight

  1. When Stephen says that these are the things that Eli said tonight what he means is this is





    Some of the quotes listed above Eli said no fewer than 50 times.

  2. I think everyone needs more risotto. And I’m impressed with his command of Spanish. 🙂

  3. Monday, Misty, Eli and myself we out running errands, he says to me:

    “Hey Rachel,” leaning back in his pimping car seat, “What’s up?”

    I also taught him to make loud gagging sounds whenever he saw PDA.

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