On the Couch

We are continuing our practice of sending Eli to the couch in his room as punishment. We leave him in there for a few minutes before going in, explaining again why he was sent to his couch, and setting him free. We ask him if he knows why he’s on his couch, and a lot of times he can tell us. “No more jumping on the bed.” If he can’t, we remind him before letting him get up.

Recently I sent him to his couch for some infraction like throwing his toys around or forgetting how traffic flows at a four-way stop. I went in to spring him. “Do you know why you’re on your couch?” I asked.

He lounged back and crossed his arms. “Hmmmmmmm,” he said in deep consideration before smacking his lips thoughtfully.

I couldn’t punish him any more. “You can get up,” I told him before running out of the room to giggle helplessly.

Yeah, this parenting thing is a piece of cake.

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