Memorial Day Weekend 2006

This Memorial Day weekend has been one of the best holidays I can remember having in a long time. We’ve had tons of friends around and we’ve had lots of activities and along with all of that Stephen and I celebrated our eleventh anniversary on Sunday. A few very specific memories contribute to the makeup of what I consider to be a truly memorable weekend so here’s a few memories and thoughts and how it’s all worked out for the better this particular weekend.

I remember a weekend from when I was about four, my mom told me that the next day was a holiday and they didn’t have to go to work. My mom explained that it was a special instance. I don’t know if I asked a lot of questions about why it was that way but I remember her being very specific that it only happened sometimes and wasn’t the new norm for us. I remember thinking to my very young self how much fun a 3-day weekend ought to be for people who go to work all day every day. I was sitting on the back steps to our trailer and my dad was cutting the grass and it was super hot so it had to be either Memorial Day or Labor Day weekend.

Every year we spend a week at Santa Rosa Beach in Florida near Destin. We either go in the spring or Thanksgiving week. It doesn’t matter which week we go, the best part is the first two days I wake up at the beach. Those two days last forever. The time between when I get out of bed until the sun sets seems like it takes about 50 years to transpire. I look forward to that every year.

This weekend has had that quality for me. The we may never get through this day and really that’s ok because it’s been the best day kind of day. On Saturday, Ashley and I met up at the gym to do a truly horrific class. After that torture (but hey I felt better!) we met up with Rachel to go swimming at Rachel’s apartment pool. Eli had a blast. Saturday evening, we had really great pizza for dinner and then Ashley and Jon, Tim, Rachel and Stephen and I had dessert and laughed for hours about the the class that Ashley and I had been to that morning. (Rachel reenacted all the good moves – ask to see her do the jump kick!) When we finally rolled into bed, my sides hurt from all the laughing.

Sunday morning started with a bang as Rachel preached her first sermon at church. She did a fabulous job and we managed between the nerd herd and Jessica’s family, to pack two pews at the 8:30 service. Rachel we’re so proud of all you’ve accomplished! After our nap of the righteous, Jon and Stephen worked on the tree in Jon and Ashley’s backyard. The tree fell on their house during the freak Saturday afternoon monsoon. They did that until it started to rain which canceled our plans to go swimming again. Rachel ended up coming to our house to have dinner and then as Stephen zoomed off to game, she and I watched Memoirs of a Geisha.

This morning Rachel, Ashley and I met up at the gym again. No class for Ashley and me but Rachel did the tortuous step class. The guys finished cleaning up the tree. I jammed through the grocery store (good thing, too, because I hadn’t been in about two weeks) and then raced home to put them away in time to get back to the pool.


We rounded off the weekend by spending all afternoon at the pool. We grilled some dogs and enjoyed the day off. Stephen’s playing Katamari and I’m writing this post. We may read for a bit and then tomorrow go back to our regularly scheduled life.

I hope you had as great a weekend as we did.

2 thoughts on “Memorial Day Weekend 2006

  1. Whoa, didn’t know that about the tree.

    I wanted to come and see Rachel preach, but we had a very small choir and had to sing both services on Sunday. I couldn’t break away. 🙁

    I was gonna come out to the pool yesterday, but I was swamped with stuff once I got back from Montgomery. 🙁

  2. I didn’t know about the tree either! I feel bad that I missed all of the fun (real and sarcastic)! But, we still had a great and busy weekend too. 🙂

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