Two Eli Anecdotes Involving Feet and Remote Controls

While we may be rather distracted, we can still provide you with the quality Eli entertainment with which you’ve grown accustomed. Behold, I give you two brief stories.

Misty’s mom has a universal remote, but it somehow became deprogrammed, much as if a psychologist had spent days with it, keeping it in isolation and telling it, “They were lying when they said you should run the TV and the VCR. LOOK AT ME.” To fix it, I had to stand in front of the TV and cycle through all of its codes. When Eli saw me doing that, he picked up a second remote and stood by me. “Whatcha doing?” he asked.

“I’m fixing the TV,” I told him.

A few hours later, my mom was visiting. Eli picked up two remotes and handed one to mom. “Here. We fixa Tivo.”

That last sentence doesn’t really convey the sing-song way in which he says it. “WE FIX-a TEEEEEEE-vooooooo” is more like it. I’ve had many chances to hear him say it, as evidently the Tivo needs a lot of fixing.

We were driving back to the hospital yesterday evening, with Misty’s mom in the back to entertain Eli. “One foot,” she said, grabbing one of his feet. “One foot,” she said as she grabbed the other. “Two feet!”

“No,” Eli said very seriously. “Two foots.”