It All Makes a Scary Kind of Sense Now

We have Mint installed on our server. Mostly because once Geof showed it to me I couldn’t look away. So I get a kick out of reading what people search for and how they find our site.

I have noticed a disturbing number of searches looking for Misty May (the Olympic volleyball player) and finding well, me. So today I decided to check it out. I clicked on the search that people are running over at The combination of Misty and May and Photos gets me into sixth place on their search engine!

I’m guessing the masses of teenage boys are a wee bit surprised when they get here and find only pictures of my kid.

So welcome to all you Misty May fans! You will not find any naked photos of her here but if you decide you want to read a few posts by a thirty-something couple living in Northern Alabama with a very precocious two-year old, this Misty site is for you!

2 thoughts on “It All Makes a Scary Kind of Sense Now

  1. Wait, you mean this *isn’t* Misty May’s Bouncing Volleyball-uptuous homepage?? And here I’ve spent all this time reading, waiting for the nude photos! I feel so duped! 😉

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