Update: Limbo

My mom called last night with good news! My grandmother has stopped using the ventilator! She still has the tube but they expect to remove it today. Mom said that she was alert and answered questions by nodding and shaking her head and she was able to lift her hand to wave. She has use of all her limbs so they think there is almost no possibility of a stroke now. While she is not dancing jigs yet, it looks probable that she will be up and around agian.

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers and for your emails and calls. It has meant so much to me and you will never know how much I appreciate it.

After I posted Limbo, Ashley wrote about the loss of her only aunt over at Experiments in Life. My heart goes out to her as she deals with this.

I don’t claim to have anything new to say on loss or any particular topic really. A while back I posted about my collection of journals and what that has meant to me over the years. At the time I wrote that post, I had every intention of keeping up with a paper journal and posting to this site. Now, I see this site slowly replacing the journals as my memory repository. Maybe by writing some of my thoughts down here someone else can benefit from my experiences.