Books are Good

Geof loaned me his copy of Blue Like Jazz and it was excellent and very readable. Rick’s comment on it was either these are pretty common experiences on the Christian faith journey or that Donald Miller is in his head. I think that the experiences must be common experiences since I share in them as do a few other people that I know. Of course, if Donald Miller is in Rick’s head we should probably start on that movie deal now.

In other book news, I ran across a charity that seems a perfect fit for lots of us bookwormish types. The Dewey Donation System spotlights libraries that are in dire need of support. Right now they are trying to help the libraries in Southern Mississippi replace collections that were lost due to Katrina. You can purchase through Amazon and books get sent straight to the libraries. Also, the logo for this site rocks! Eli kept calling it “Dewey fly head” while I was looking at it this morning.

10 thoughts on “Books are Good

  1. Blue Like Jazz sounds good but on his website, Donald Miller has links to Move and the ACLU.

    I am suspicious!! (but I still might read it)

  2. I can’t find any of those links on his site…. any chance you could direct me to them?

    Is everything he has to say spot on? Probably not.

    Does he have a funny way of addressing a lot of the issues that are common to many people’s Christian experience (pride, fundamentalism, doubt)? Absolutely!

    If he is supporting those groups, I disagree with that decision, but it really doesn’t take anything away from reading the book.

  3. >Just because he supports those groups doesn’t mean I won’t read it. I just like to know from what perspective an author is coming.

    Hmmmmm. and ACLU. Sounds Christian to me!

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