Monthly Archives: June 2006

To 11!

Last night Misty & Eli gave me my Father’s Day present: Guitar Hero.

You may be thinking that yesterday was Tuesday, several days before Father’s day.

I say that it is never too early to ROCK.

Books are Good

Geof loaned me his copy of Blue Like Jazz and it was excellent and very readable. Rick’s comment on it was either these are pretty common experiences on the Christian faith journey or that Donald Miller is in his head. I think that the experiences must be common experiences since I share in them as […]

Things Eli Says

I was changing Eli’s diaper earlier today. He arched his torso in the air. “My butt is cuuuuute.” I demurred and put a new diaper on Eli. His eyes widened dramatically. “Where my butt go? WHERE MY BUTT GO?”


Eli’s steady diet of educational TV shows and our questions (“What color is this, Eli? What shape is this?”) has had unintended consequences. He now identifies and classifies non-stop, repeating things he learned from Sesame Street and Blue’s Clues….

It All Makes a Scary Kind of Sense Now

We have Mint installed on our server. Mostly because once Geof showed it to me I couldn’t look away. So I get a kick out of reading what people search for and how they find our site.

I have noticed a disturbing number of searches looking for Misty May (the Olympic volleyball player) and finding well, […]

Update: Limbo

My mom called last night with good news! My grandmother has stopped using the ventilator! She still has the tube but they expect to remove it today. Mom said that she was alert and answered questions by nodding and shaking her head and she was able to lift her hand to wave. She has use […]


Since we returned from Alabama, Eli has been pushing our boundaries. We’ve been struggling with how to discipline him. We’re making progress, in that “two steps forward, one step back” sort of way.


Limbo, that’s what I’m in. I’m afraid what I’m writing will sound like an obituary. It’s not. I don’t know how much longer that will be true. I want to write some things down so that I’ll remember them and so that I’ll remember that I was ready for whatever happens in the next few […]

New Photos

I’ve posted some new photos from our trip to Arkansas. I have a lot to say about the trip but it’s going to take a bit for me to process it and write it down. We’re all exhausted but glad to be back home tonight.

In Mumsy’s Garden

Fun with Pop Don

There’s also a couple of new […]

Two Eli Anecdotes Involving Feet and Remote Controls

While we may be rather distracted, we can still provide you with the quality Eli entertainment with which you’ve grown accustomed. Behold, I give you two brief stories. The first involves the TV, or perhaps the Tivo, and the second involves his feet.