Those Who Don’t Learn From Pink Dumbbells

Today Eli was dancing around happily while I read. He stepped on a sheet of paper, slipped, and fell, his head bouncing off of the hardwood floor.

I’m not saying my kid is clumsy, necessarily. I am saying that, now when he trips or falls, he says, “I’m okay!” because we’ve asked him so many times, “Are you okay?”

2 thoughts on “Those Who Don’t Learn From Pink Dumbbells

  1. The best part, though, is that he doesn’t collapse into a fit of hysterics every time he falls. I can just picture him, though, bouncing back up and going “I’m okay! Really, no, I’m just fine. Go about your business. Nothing happened here…”

  2. My favorite ritual now is that he doesn’t need us to kiss his boo-boos. He kisses them himself, which is pretty funny when he’s stubbed is toe.

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