In Bloom

When we moved into this house almost four years ago, my mom gave me lots of stuff to get started on. She gave me a bunch of plants because several of mine didn’t make the trip from North Carolina very well. She gave me one particular plant that my cousin Angela had given her. It arrived at my house in a plastic cottage cheese container. It was a long, brown, viney thing with one leaf. It was pretty pathetic. (It actually crossed my mind to hang one red ball ornament on it at Christmas, but I refrained.)

The second-hand word from Angela was that it was a tropical vine that would flower. So of course, once it was repotted into a regular pot I put it in my bathroom. That’s tropical, right? This is what it looks like now:



As you can see, it’s grown a bit but hadn’t flowered in all this time. I noticed when we got back from Chicago that it had pyramid-shaped buds in a big cluster on one of the two longest vines. Several days this week, I meant to take a picture of the buds before they opened, but I procrastinated long enough that I missed the window. I was looking at it yesterday afternoon before dinner and a couple of the buds had one petal pealed back but nothing exciting. Last night after the Tuesday Night Movie Club disbanded, I headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth. There was a strange exotic smell in our room. I asked Stephen if he knew what it was, not thinking about the buds I had looked at only hours before. It had bloomed! Here’s what the flowers look like:


What you can’t smell, of course, is the fragrance of the flowers. It was wonderful while it lasted. I woke up in the night last night and caught a whiff. It made me smile as I drifted back to sleep. But the smell was all gone this morning. It makes me wonder if I should have stayed awake a few more hours last night to enjoy it.

Update: It started with the exotic fragrance again last night. I woke up again about 4 this morning and it smelled fantastic! It doesn’t seem to have any fragrance now though. How weird is that?

3 thoughts on “In Bloom

  1. Congrats! WHat you have is an orchid, one of the biggest genres of plants out there. You putting it in the bathroom is probably what caused it to grow healthy and finally flower. They really like humidity, so keep taking those hot showers.

    Most don’t flower all that often, but they (the blooms) should last a pretty long time, so enjoy it. As to why you don’t smell the fragrance all the time, got me on that one, we didn’t study many tropicals in school.

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