Where’s Rick?

Over the weekend, a bunch of friends came over for dinner, to hang out, and to keep Eli and me company while Stephen was in Atlanta.

While at the dinner table Eli turned to me and said, “Where’s Rick?”

We had been watching Sesame Street earlier in the day so I responded with, “He’s hiding behind something green.” (Eli had on a green t-shirt and had his back to Rick.)

Eli asked again, “Where’s Rick? Rick, where are yooooouuu?”

“Check behind you.” I said.

He turned to face Rick and immediately asked of Rick, “Rick, where’d Mom go?”

1 thought on “Where’s Rick?

  1. I was so glad that everyone laughed, because I didn’t know where to go from there. Because if I did the same thing that Misty did, it would potentially start a near-infinite loop and we’d be playing that game for the rest of the night.

    It was terribly cute though!

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