Eli Reads a Book

We are bravely leaping into the world of YouTube and Google Video with this, our first Flash movie of Eli reading a book.

The book he’s reading is “Snappy Sounds Vroom!” which, indeed, makes many snappy sounds. You can hear Eli identifying the bus and the scooter in the book.

9 thoughts on “Eli Reads a Book

  1. man, he’s wicked cute. particularly at that point where he hears a car horn and, in response, flashes his hands and goes BEEP BEEP.

  2. Man, his southern accent is so strong – I can barely make out a word of it!

  3. Obviously! By having a locally-stored video of him reading on a blog with no ads, we’re accumulating valuable Whuffie which we can later trade for No-Prizes. How else can we recoup the cost of rearing him?

  4. He is adorable! I love how he does the questions and answers! I miss when my guys were that age! Tell him we said good job – my kids thought he was so cute!

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