Friday Night Videos: Atari 2600 Edition

Wintergreen: When I Wake Up (2006)

They barely have a record, but Wintergreen already has a video. The song features guitarwork reminiscent of The Smiths. However, rather than having mopey-looking kids wandering around London, this video features E.T. and the Atari 2600. The video takes the real story of Atari dumping E.T. cartridges in a landfill and adds a codicil of the band going to the landfill and digging them up. Pity it couldn’t actually happen, but it makes for an entertaining video.

Junior Senior: Move Your Feet (2003)

While we’re on the subject of old-school pixelated computer games, here’s the Junior Senior video that looks like it came from a drug-addled Atari 2600. Coupled with the frenetic beat of the song, the video makes for fascinating watching.

2 thoughts on “Friday Night Videos: Atari 2600 Edition

  1. I’m wondering where Wintergreen found all the cartridges for that video. I actually had a version of E.T. on my 800, and yes… it was a lousy game, but I did ‘finish’ it. The video by Junior Senior reminds me more of NES graphics… but I can see the connection that you made. Thanks again for two entertaining videos!

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