My Secret Obsession

So you might be wondering what I do with my tv time in the summer since nothing is on network tv. Well I watch Project Runway of course. I know it’s a guilty pleasure but I love to see what they make and how they get it done and I love hearing Tim actually give good criticism to try and help them. I am constantly shouting at people to listen to Tim because he knows what he’s talking about.

So I say to all of you now, if you are doing something creative, listen to Tim Gunn because he knows what he is talking about.

6 thoughts on “My Secret Obsession

  1. You don’t have to defend your TV watching to at us. Jessica and I have watched Big Brother every summer its been on… and so does Geof. I still don’t know why I watch it… but I can’t help it. Oh, and it comes on three nights a week at that.

  2. Yes, I heart Tim Gunn also.

    On Big Brother, if Howie and Mike don’t get voted out of that house soon, I am afraid I will damage my TV set by the things I will throw at it.

  3. I have become completely hooked on Project Runway. You’re right. Tim gives really great advice. It’s sad that they don’t listen to him more often.

  4. Also, I almost can’t stand the wait to see what the scandal this week is going to be. Tim is going to ask someone to leave which means snowboarding chick will probably come back! Can’t wait!!

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