Project Runway Haikus

It is possible that, like Misty, I am addicted to Project Runway. There’s something about the reality TV format coupled with the contestants actually doing something creative that I find utterly fascinating.

It is also possible that, in the throes of this affliction, my fevered brain has tossed off doggerel Project Runway haikus. Flee! Flee! And if you don’t flee, know that here there be spoilers.

Angela’s team won???
Why is she still on the show?
That shit’s Bedazzled.

Here’s a little tip.
Ignore it at your peril.
Listen to Tim Gunn.

Vera Wang’s a judge?
Judging quality has dropped.
Come back, Michael Kors!

Laura and Michael
work very well together.
Boy, that surprised me.

Keith has shown us all
It’s okay to be an ass
but don’t ever cheat.

6 thoughts on “Project Runway Haikus

  1. After watching this week’s episode this evening… I COMPLETELY AGREE! Okay, now that I’m done writing in all caps… Holy cow! How did Angela’s team win?! I didn’t know there was a tasteful bone in that horribly dressed body of hers. What is up with those skirts that she loves to wear?!

  2. The bubble skirts frighten me, it’s true. I think what happened this week is that Laura and Michael managed to channel her efforts and keep her from Bedazzling everything to death. The rosettes turned out nice, which really surprised me.

  3. Misty: I think that it’s now safe to say that Stephen can’t mock you for watching Big Brother anymore. That said, don’t jump in on this trainwreck of a season. 😉

    [Great. Now Stephen is going to put strychnine in my guacamole and bedazzle me.]

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