Welcome to Bestest Cross-Stitch, Yarn, Electronics, Coffee Bar Buy Lobby. How May I Help You?

This whole opening a store thing has really caught on among the locals. Here’s who you might meet working the counter if you desire anything crafty, electronic, musical, or coffee-based.

Ashley and I will be minding the cross-stitch wing. We love the special complicated pieces. Bring on the bead work!

Jessica and Ronnie will be handling the yarn wing. Jessica free forms interesting useful pieces and Ronnie can turn out the baby hats like a sweat-shop factory.

Ronnie and Kat will be working the quilting wing. Both traditional and modern aesthetics welcome.

All the husbands will be rotating through electronics and here’s the “bestest” part — they actually know what they are talking about when you ask them if the monster amp you want to buy goes to 11 or not. Some of them will even be able to tell you the mechanics behind it. Oh, who am I kidding they’ll all be able to tell you the mechanics behind it and so will some of the women.

Geof and Jason, who was volunteered in absentia, will be tending bar upstairs. Geof will also be booking the coolio musicians for evening performances so if you have a decent act, get in touch with him (Depressing Chicks with guitars get preferential treatment). Jason will be tending both the coffee bar as well as the liquor bar. Be sure to ask for his special.

What started out as a way for us gals to have a bit of extra income and be able to (at the same time) rear our kids ourselves has morphed into a scary, scary Hobby Lobby, Best Buy, coffee shop, bar hybrid. Be afraid, be very afraid.