Son of Curse You, Opposable Thumbs!

We have reached the next stage of toddler evolution. Forget opening doors — now he can open the drawers and doors that have the kid-locks on them. He pulls them a little ways out, depresses the lock, and bing he’s into the knives or medicine or flamethrowers. And those toddler-proof doorknob covers? Those worked for all of three days.

This afternoon he crawled up onto Misty’s chair in front of her computer. “I play Cookie game!” He then proceeded to play the games by himself. He was a little slow on the mouse, but at the rate he’s learning I expect him to spank me at deathmatches in a week.

3 thoughts on “Son of Curse You, Opposable Thumbs!

  1. Let’s hope he knows how to put it back in again….
    It might be time for the rope, Stephen.

  2. Me: What’re Stephen and Misty doing leaving flame-throwers around the house with a baby roaming around? That can’t be safe.

    Sam: Oh come on, that’s only one step up from a laser.

    Me: Hm, true.

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