4 thoughts on “New Masthead!

  1. The one on the far left is too cute! Granted, they’re all cute, but I kind of figured that that was a given, since we’re talking about Eli here.

  2. I did notice the new photos, but I thought that they were ‘rotating’ photos. (oops…) And I agree… the one on the far left is precious!

  3. No, no. Those photos are hand picked and freshly colored for your enjoyment. We only do it when we have five minutes to get off our lazy butts and find our copy of Photoshop.

    The photo on the left was taken at Shedd Aquarium in Chicago. We went there so the boys (Eli and his cousin Sam) could see the fish. They slept about 75% of the time we spent there.

    The photo on the right was taken at the Little Rock Zoo. Stephen yelled at me for banging on the glass and taunting the lion. After some consideration, I decided that it probably wasn’t so smart to do that.

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