The Toughest Mom in the World

I’m a hard mom. You wanna know how tough I am? I signed up my kid for mother’s morning out while he was still in the womb. I knew before he was even born that I was going to be ready for someone else to care for him four hours, once a week. I am not one of those do-it-all moms. I can’t stay with my kid 24/7. He likes me better when I’ve had a break and frankly, I like him a whole lot better when I’ve had a break.

The first year, he was six-months old when he started. I fled after dropping him off with nary a backward glance. Last year was tougher. He had a bit of stranger anxiety, so I often lingered outside his room until he got acclimated. Today, as I dropped him off at the start of his third year, he barely kissed me goodbye before he was off playing with all the snazzy new toys.

One of the other boys in his class was having a hard time with mom leaving him so he was screaming as if someone where peeling off his eyelids. I peeked through the door to see what Eli was up to as he was seated next to the screamer. He kept looking quizzically at the red-faced boy. Once I saw him reach over and pat the screamer on the arm as if to comfort him. I started to get tears in my eyes. I am so tough.

I picked him up just after lunch and he was full of green sucker and stories of school. I let him call Stephen on the cell phone to tell dad about his day. Afterward, Stephen noted he was a regular chatter-box. Now he is taking a nap and as soon as he’s awake it’ll be time for a snack and some Sesame Street, possibly a round of the “cookie game.”

I usually get a lot of stuff done on Tuesdays and this year, he’s going on Thursdays as well so double the time to get stuff done! I have visions of getting my house spring cleaned one room/one Thursday at a time. I can go to the bank, the store, the dry cleaners, the book store, the gym or to lunch with Stephen with speed and ease. But it’s lonesome by myself, I noticed today. I’m kinda looking forward to him waking up from his nap so he can tell me another penguin story. I haven’t once gotten to read a children’s book today. I’ve not gotten very many hugs with pats either or to smell his little boy sweaty head. Did I forget to mention how tough I am?

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  1. This is the beginning of the process known as “letting go”. I wish I could tell you it gets easier but not so.

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