Friday Night Videos: 80s Cheese

Rush: Time Stand Still (1987)

Some time ago I featured Rush’s video for Distant Early Warning, claiming that it edged out this video for awfulness. Upon reflection, it’s obvious that I was wrong as wrong can be. Seeing all three band members plus Aimee Mann sailing about under the influence of some video editor’s shaky hand may induce nausea, but it’s more than the abuse of green-screen technology that makes this video so bad. Given that the song is a lament about how fast time passes and how it would be nice if time would stand still for a moment, why is everyone bobbing drunkenly about? Don’t quit the video early or you’ll miss Aimee Mann, finally freed from her stint behind a video camera, floating on a never-ending sea of Rush.

Billy Squier: Rock Me Tonite (1984)

Interestingly enough, Freddy Mercury had nothing to do with this song or video — it wasn’t until two years later that he and Squier collaborated.