Two Stories About Eli

It’s been a while since we’ve written about Eli, so here are two stories to make sure you get your RDA of Eli.

He now goes to preschool two days out of the week. This year preschool includes a “music class,” which appears to involve playing music at the toddlers and having them move around. One day here recently they were playing some sort of Duck-Duck-Goose-like game which involved them standing up and going around the circle of toddlers. When Eli finished his turn of circling, the next kid was too shy to do the same. “It’s okay, you can do it,” the teacher told the toddler, patting him on his arm.

Eli promptly walked over to the toddler and said, “Come on! It’s okay!” He, too, patted him on the arm, and then proceeded to take another turn around the circle. When he got back to the kid he again patted him on the arm and said, “Come on!” before continuing around the circle. The third time, the kid got up and went around the circle with Eli.

I see a cruise director job in Eli’s future.

Second story. He was outside playing with Misty when he spied a line of ants. There was nothing for it but for them to sit down next to the ants. “Hello, ant,” he would tell each ant in turn. “What’s your name? I’m Eli. This is my friend, Mom.”

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  1. My daughter is the toddler, my son is Eli. Halia thinks a lot about consequences, while Travon will go willy nilly and try something new.

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