Please Make an Appointment with My Secretary

The phone rang at 7 a.m. this morning. It was my dad calling to wish Stephen a happy birthday. By 7:30, I was in the shower and Stephen was shaving his head at the sink. We were talking about something. I don’t remember what. Eli wondered in with the phone. Apparently it had rung and we hadn’t heard it over the shower and us blabbing. It turned out to be my mom, calling to wish Stephen a happy birthday. (My parents are slow with the birthday cards so we get wake up calls to fill in the gap!)

But here’s the point:

My two and a half year old answered the phone, recognized who was calling, and carried on a five minute conversation without our knowledge.

And then he totally didn’t want to give up the phone to let Stephen get his birthday wishes. When if was finally my turn to talk, my mom said that she wasn’t sure that she’d called the right house because Eli sounded so grown up. But finally he called her Mumsie so she knew that she had the right number.

So if you call, don’t be surprised if Eli gets to the phone first. Just be prepared to talk for a while cause he’s not turning loose of that phone until he’s read you every book and explained every puzzle in his room.

2 thoughts on “Please Make an Appointment with My Secretary

  1. I’ll keep that in mind… Halia hates to talk on the telephone. I’m expecting that to change in a couple more years. Travon is one of those people you can’t get off of the phone either. I love it when he tries to show you things in his room, or the latest owie. I play along with it myself.

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