What I Did On My Dragon*Con Vacation

I do a fair amount of boring stuff for Dragon*Con, including keeping track of radios that the staff uses and helping the trains run on time. I figure you’re not interested in that. What you’re interested in are the videos I make for Dragon*ConTV. I’ve sort of carved out a niche in that group: making videos for childrens’ products.

Last year it was baby food:

This year it was educational shows from NickJr:

Later I’ll talk a bit about our process and what I’ve learned over three (!) years of doing this. As to why I do this: It’s all about the kids.

9 thoughts on “What I Did On My Dragon*Con Vacation

  1. That is absolutely beautiful! Sean and I both got a laugh riot out of that. *sings song in my head*

  2. Also, the one you did this year really touched a chord with me. I giggle mightily at it having wathced my share of that program for many years.

  3. Doodlebops is a very… interesting show. Lots of repetition, but not ad naseum like Little Einsteins who seems to use only two different classical music pieces for their shows.

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