Tagged – Four Words

Jessica tagged me with four words. I’ve always wondered if this is supposed to carry some deep, insightful meaning for the person tagging. Jess, you will have to tell me if you learn something deep about me.

1. Cold – looking forward to it! This summer has been way too hot for me. I especially want to take Eli ice skating this winter. I figure that’s gotta be good for some laughs.

2. Beauty – this one is hard. there are lots of things that I think are beautiful. but probably my favorite beautiful thing is our church. I love the people there and I love that they are honest and committed to living in community with each other and God.

3. Green – my favorite color and what my desktop looks like right now.
My favorite green though is fresh cut grass.

4. Book – I immediately think of this journal that my three best friends and I wrote in in high school. We called it “The Book” for lack of creativity. I made them all copies a couple of years ago when one of them got married. Next, I think that we are being overwhelmed in our house by all of the books. We need more shelving!

And now I’m supposed to tag four people. Ha ha to you, suckas!
1. Stephen
2. Lana Bob!
3. Rachel
4. Amy, cause I know she’ll never do it in a million years.

Your words:
1. help
2. monster
3. yellow
4. fish