Wherein Eli Learns One of the Most Satisfying Experiences known to Man

Yesterday there was a box on our front step. I brought it in and as soon as Eli saw it he said,

“We got a package!”

As if this were the holy grail just shipped from Amazon.

When I opened it, hundreds of peanuts escaped and like a maniacal monkey Eli started scooping them up off the floor. He had not yet seen the true wonder of what else the box contained.

Side note: Last Christmas we got a box just like this. It contained, what I thought was a gift for me and Stephen, a couple gift if you will, and a gift for Eli. The peanuts went straight to the garbage because there were many of them and I didn’t want to have to vacuum them up. A few days later we got a phone call from Sean in Arizona. He asked Stephen how he liked his new Playstation 2 game. Stephen’s reply, “What game?” Seems I had thrown the Gran Turismo 3 out with the bath water.

So this box, once opened and excavated, I left sitting in the floor of the office so Stephen could also paw through it and verify it contained no elusive Playstation loot. Fast forward to this morning…

Eli comes in from his morning diaper summit with Stephen and spies the box. In the box was a piece of bubble rap. This was the first view I had of my child this morning.
See the look of intense concentration. Once Stephen had shown him how to pop the bubbles he knew genetically to systematically go down the rows of bubbles checking for unpopped ones. Now see the look of sheer joy at finishing the project.
P.S. Kat and Sean, we loved our gifts. Thanks especially from Eli for the bubble rap.

5 thoughts on “Wherein Eli Learns One of the Most Satisfying Experiences known to Man

  1. The first picture has the “Stephen look” of concentration. Many a time I have seen Stephen look just like that when he was so intense on what he was doing.

  2. Glad you liked the gifts!

    I’m also glad that Eli liked his “present”. 🙂 I’ll make sure to always include at least a little bit of bubble wrap in future packages.

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