Dealing With the Pushback

I have joked from time to time about Eli reaching his terrible twos, but here lately we’ve been dealing with a whole range of behavior ranging from the annoying to the downright troublesome. He has moved from testing the limits to hurling his little body at the fences and trying to break through. This has culminated in him getting in trouble at school last week. Tuesday he was pushing other children, and when he was told to go sit in time out, he told the teachers, “No!” After a bit of that, he got to go to the office. That meant that Misty got to go to the office when she went to pick him up. Thursday there were more shennanigans, though thankfully the office was not involved.

I understand that this is just what toddlers do, honest. And I know that Eli is practically a saint compared to many other toddlers, capable of walking across a river of milk flowing from overturned sippy cups. That doesn’t keep me from becoming so annoyed that I don’t want to spend time with him, making me feel even worse when I calm down later.

This misbehavior comes in waves that last a few weeks at most, so I’m holding on and waiting for this to pass. Then again, a woman at church told me, “Oh, they don’t act better when they get older. They act differently.” She had this big grin on her face, the kind that is a neon advertisement for the “misery loves company” bromide.

So I pushed her down and then ran from the teacher.