Damaged In Transit

Dear UPS,

I know you have a hard job. Moving all of those packages and getting them to their destination in a timely matter is no easy thing. I don’t mean to complain too much.

A very bent package with FRAGILE: GLASS stickers

I lie. I mean to complain a lot. CAN YOUR EMPLOYEES NOT READ? The delivery guy did have the decency to look sheepish when he dropped off the package, though he didn’t tell us that we’d lost our right to refuse the package by opening it to check on its contents.

The reverse side can’t be as bad as the above, surely.

The other side of a very bent package with FRAGILE: GLASS stickers

5 thoughts on “Damaged In Transit

  1. Oh, I’ve got all kinds of UPS horror stories from when I moved to GA. I used them to ship most of my belongings before I moved, and when they broke half my pottery, they didn’t want to cough up the insurance money. I got a couple hundred out of them anyway, but it almost wasn’t worth it, considering my line of Pfalzgraff is discontinued anyway. 🙁

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