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Hello, those of you who are visiting from Television Without Pity. This is not really a science blog, nor is it a television blog, but I do sometimes go on about both. For atomic bomb discussion beyond the bit where I grumble about Jericho, you might be interested in Child of the Cold War, which discusses how growing up with the threat of nuclear annihilation made Jericho‘s pilot seem better to me than it really was. There’s also the original report from the Manhattan Project scientists determining that a nuclear bomb wouldn’t destroy the entire world.

For all-around science neepery:

There are also the music videos we post every Friday night, thoughts on The Venture Brothers and Narbonic, and many many posts about rearing a two-year-old kid. Enjoy.

And for those of you who are regular readers and are right now saying, “er?”, TWoP linked to me for my Jericho rants.

4 thoughts on “Welcome TWoP Readers

  1. TWoP reader here – I could really get into this blog. We stopped watching Jericho after the second episode, but I can’t rip myself away from the awesome recaps 😉 Thanks for the info and the links, I’ve already spent half an hour plotting different nuclear blast radii around the state’s capitol.

  2. Hi Stephen! Another TWoP reader here. I also thought Jericho sounded like a great pilot and have been watching it fall downhill quickly…like a train wreck, though, I turn in every Wednesday.
    I have to say, I loved your article on the science fair. Just the kind of snark that us TWoPers embrace!

  3. Allow me to introduce Stephen Granade, an Actual Physicist who has graciously volunteered his fact-checking services. And by “volunteered,” I mean, “gave in when I begged.”

    Like it was hard to get you to knuckle under. I mean, really. 😉

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