Big Boy Bed Update

Eli went to bed great last night. He seemed a bit confused by me reading to him in bed. (We previously sat in the rocking chair in his room to read our bedtime story.) But by the middle of the book he was getting sleepy and doing some heavy snuzzling with his blankie. After story, I turned out the light and sung a very poor rendition of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, obviously the new bed confused me too since it rendered me unable to remember the verses!

I heard him at about one this morning. I either dreamed he was laughing and he made a noise loud enough to wake me up or he really was laughing in his sleep.

This morning at about 6:45 he woke up and knocked on his bedroom door and said, “Are you in there, Mommy?” I told him last night that we would come get him at seven. And I situated the clock so he could see it but I guess he forgot this morning in his ability to leap from his bed.

Stephen went and liberated him and asked him how the big boy bed slept. Eli’s response, “Fine.”