How Did We Train Him to Stay in His Room?

Ancient Chinese Secret Door Lock from the inside. He can’t open the door, hence the knocking on it…

4 thoughts on “How Did We Train Him to Stay in His Room?

  1. I am so glad it went so well. He did better than his father. We couldn’t keep Stephen in the bed at first. We would close the door after putting him to bed only to find him standing in the den door a few minutes later. Our solution? One of us, primarily me, would lie down with him until he fell asleep. This worked fine until I was expecting Andrew and then I would go to sleep with him and Ray would come and wake me up and tell me it was time to go to bed. What we do for our children.

  2. Stephen also realized early on that while he went to sleep with somone in his bed, he woke up alone. His solution to that dilemma was to throw an arm, a leg, or both across the person lying down with him. The young co-eds who were often his babysitters initially found that quite disconcerting!

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