Last night I had my laptop open on the kitchen table. Its screensaver was active, showing a starfield whizzing by.

“Look!” Eli said. “Stars! But where’s the moon?”

“It’s not on there,” I told him.

He reached out and pressed a key. The starfield vanished. “Eli, no!” I said. “No touching dad’s computer!” Eli scampered out of the kitchen.

A minute later he came back to the table where Misty and I were sitting. “I hid the stars and you’ll never find them. Heh, heh, heh.” Then he ran again.

5 thoughts on “Starfall

  1. I think that, if my kitten could talk, it would say things like this. It already touches the laptop, gets yelled at, and darts out of the kitchen, then returns for a second just because.

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